Engagement Opportunities
Thank you very much for your interest in our Company! DGA has been in business over 15 years and we are continually expanding our Client list. Our primary Clients are New Car Dealerships and their Service Departments. DGA provides “Virtual” Business Development Center Services to these Clients. These services include Customer Follow-up, Email Campaigns, and Service Appointment scheduling.
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If you found our Website on your own then, thank you for your search. If you found our Website due to a recent posting on an internet work-from-home job board, then you have been mildly misled. DGA has never posted or advertised for engagement on any of these websites, but we certainly welcome your interest, and would like you to read on.
Since November of 2007, DGA has grown from about 55 employees to 80. As we continue to grow, we review resumes and hire new staff. DGA does its best to ensure that we keep ALL of our staff sufficiently busy based on the current Client base. It is a fragile balance that we continually monitor. Hours are flexible, and we pay per completed call.
Except for a few local staff, DGA staff members work from their homes, all over the United States, using their own pre-qualified computer systems. DGA uses a Voice over IP (VoIP) Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Phone System to complete our work. It is, literally, a "Virtual" Call Center. This specific position is referred to as a Call Center "Reservationist" or Agent. Our Agents receive routed calls, from our ACD system, directly to their computer. These calls originate directly from one of our numerous Clients' customers. Our Agents then attend to the routed call and schedule a service appointment directly into the Client’s DMS system.
If you believe that this job might be a good fit for your career needs, and that you also have the proper qualifications and experience, then read the following bullet points below. They identify important information that you should include as part of the email that you send with your resume. Do NOT send a WordPerfect file.
* Please inform us why your home office, computer, internet connection, and quiet setting will fit our needs
  (unfortunately Mac's do not work with our ACD, nor does a dial-up connection)
* Please help us understand why a work-from-home job works best for you
* Please convince us why you are a qualified candidate who has the fortitude to excel through our training,
  and to stay with this job as a primary source of income.
Having this information helps to save time in both directions. We must do this because DGA does incur a certain amount of expense as part of the indoctrination/integration of new staff members. If you are selected to work for us, you and your overall computer system setup will first be fully qualified by DGA. You will then be trained, installed onto our website and other systems, and have our NetPhone software installed onto your computer system. Once this is done and, you begin to perform work for DGA, you will be highly monitored by our Q/A staff to ensure that you are performing the job properly. You will receive continuous coaching until you achieve what we refer to as “The Perfect Call”. We will help you be your best!
If you would like to apply for a job as a DGA Call Center Reservationist, please contact us by forwarding any background information, and a resume to engagement@mynewbdc.com.
Thank you again for your interest in Dealer’s Greatest Assets, Inc.